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Ahorra tiempo y dinero

Obtén tu propio profesor de matemáticas basado en inteligencia artificial que se adapta al estilo de aprendizaje de cada niño.

Benefíciate de una experiencia individualizada y evita costosos profesores particulares, academias y centros de aprendizaje.

of children have improved their

calculation, logic, and problem-solving skills. 

Guaranteed Results

of children have improved their

marks in maths

Children from over 100 countries are future-proofing their career as they learn with Smartick.

Benefits of Smartick

Smartick Coding

We developed Coding® to teach basic coding concepts using blocks, a methodology used by the best coding programs for children.

Your child will learn the computational, critical and rational thinking, these alternative areas of knowledge will maximize their school performance.

Integrated into the Smartick methodolgy, alternating 10 math sessions with one of Coding®, complementing the logic sessions.

Your children can learn maths independently

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Only 15 minutes a day. For children ages 4 - 14. 

Your children can learn maths independently

Tus hijos ya pueden aprender matemáticas de forma autónoma

Only 15 minutes a day. For children ages 4 - 14. 

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Smartick does not follow an official curriculum, instead, it provides each child with the content they need to build a solid foundation and progress at their own pace, without frustration. This strengthens their self-confidence and encourages a positive attitude towards maths.

The Smartick method is designed for children ages 4 - 14: taking them from early childhood and primary school, all the way to the first years of secondary school.

Smartick works for children who need extra practise as well as those looking to expand their knowledge outside of the classroom since each child progresses at their own pace with sessions that are totally personalised to their needs. 

In addition to maths skills like mental calculation, arithmetic, and geometry, Smartick also has sessions to practise coding and logic which also include a bit of reading comprehension that is necessary to understand the exercises.

An online method for children to work on anywhere with a tablet or computer.  

Short, 15 minute daily sessions with no strict schedules. 

Smartick's Artificial Intelligence allows us to offer each child a personalised study plan that adapts to their pace and skills in real-time - not the other way around. This allows children to always be working to the best of their ability. 

Real-time evaluation and immediate feedback with result reports about performance and progress.

Gamified sessions to work on motivation and positive reinforcement.

Smartick features interactive tutorials to explain new concepts.